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Acid Dyes For Textile Industries

We offer a wide range of acid dyes that are meant for textile Industries. We manufacture quality products using excellent quality raw material. We maintain the quality of textile dyes at their every stage of processing. These dyes are very affordable and very enduring.

The below given table, lists our entire textile dye range for different fibers.

Pulp & Paper Dyes

At AcidDyes, we offer a comprehensive assortment of acid dyes and direct dyes meant for paper & pulp, and other cellulosic substances. These pulp & paper dyes are of excellent quality as they are manufactured using high quality raw-materials procured from renowned vendors. We formulate these dyes austerely maintaining quality at every stage of production. These dyes offer outstanding results cost-effectively. We offers our pulp & paper dyes in both powder and liquid forms.


  • Kraft paper and paper board
  • Construction papers
  • News, book and magazine papers
  • Recycled papers
  • Container board
  • Imitation Kraft
  • Sealing tapes
  • Glassine paper