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Acid dyes are a class of synthetic dyes that are used to dye protein fibers such as wool, silk, and nylon. They are called "acid" dyes because they require an acidic environment to bond with the fibers. Acid dyes are typically water-soluble and are most effective when used in a slightly acidic solution (pH 4-5). Acid dyes can produce bright and vivid colors, making them a popular choice for dyeing textiles and other materials. They are commonly used in the textile industry for dyeing clothing, carpets, and other fabric-based products. Acid dyes are also used in the manufacturing of leather, paper, and ink.

We are recognised as one of the best suppliers of acid dyes in Ahmedabad. We suppliy these acid dyes in whole Gujarat, and other states in India. Because of our work we are known as best suppliers of acid dyes in India. There are many advantages of acid dyes, one of the main advantages of acid dyes is their ability to produce strong, vibrant colors that are resistant to fading. They are also known for their excellent lightfastness and washfastness. Acid dyes can produce a wide range of colors, including reds, blues, yellows, and greens. However, acid dyes do have some limitations. They are not effective for dyeing synthetic fibers such as polyester, and they can only be used on protein fibers that have been pre-treated with an acid solution. Acid dyes can also be hazardous if not handled properly, as they can be toxic and potentially harmful if ingested or inhaled.

Acid Dyes Manufacturer

1 ACID YELLOW 17 18965 6359-98-4
2 ACID ORANGE-3 10385 6373-74-6
3 ACID YELLOW 151 13906 12715-61-6
4 ACID RED 119 262085 70210-06-9
5 ACID VIOLET 90 18762 6408-29-3
6 ACID BLACK-210 300285 99576-15-5
7 ACID BLUE 129 62059 6397-02-0
8 ACID BROWN 83 20250 13011-68-2