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Acid dyes has the goal to manufacture excellent quality dyes coupled with satisfying services to the customers across the world. The increasing recognition of our dyes products has put us in the top position in the dyestuffs and pigments market.

Acid dyes exports acid dyes with reactive dyes, direct dyes, solvent dyes, synthetic food colors and dyes intermediates are useful for dyeing nylon, silk, wool and leather in all over India. We cover up the domestic market as well as international market including Middle East, Far East, African and Eastern countries.

We have enclosed a detailed list of the products regularly exported by us. We generally export our products in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, Egypt, Taiwan, South Korea, Poland, France etc. countries.

Our company earns the topmost position in the market of Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Usa, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa as one of the leading acid dyes manufacturer from India.

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